Selected interviews, compilations, and other media coverage


Read about the lab's visits to the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2016 in Denver and the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2015 in Baltimore.

Impactstory page with links to articles, Wikipedia citations, social media mentions, etc.

Selected media coverage of "Cope's rule in the evolution of marine animals", Heim et al Science (2015):
The New York Times
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
BBC News
Swarthmore College news release
Stanford University news release
SciShow youtube video

Selected media coverage of "Gradual assembly of avian body plan culminated in rapid rates of evolution across dinosaur-bird transition", Brusatte et al Curr Biol (2014):
Science Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2014
Current Biology news story
National Geographic News
National Geographic Laelaps blog
Scientific American
Swarthmore College news release

Selected media coverage of "Two-phase increase in the maximum size of life", Payne et al PNAS (2009):
Science Daily
Wired Science
Stanford news release

Selected media coverage of "Estimating the Diversity of Dinosaurs", Wang and Dodson PNAS (2006):
New York Times, Science Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
National Geographic
Scientific American
BBC News
SciShow youtube video
New Scientist
USA Today
Columbus Dispatch
Discovery Channel
Swarthmore College news release

Selected media coverage of other work:
SJ Simpson (2005): Evolution: Nothing in common. Science 307:5706, 18. [html] [pdf]
S Perkins (2004): Plenty of dinosaurs yet to be found. Science News 166:21, p. 334. [pdf]
E Redden (2003): Filling in the fossil record. Swarthmore College Bulletin 101:2, p. 6. [pdf (784K)] [pdf hi-res (2.3M)]


Selected media coverage on baseball managerial strategies:
New York Times, Science Times [graphic].
Philadelphia Inquirer [cover story of the Neighbors section for Delaware County]
Wall Street Journal
AAAS Annual Meeting news blog
American Mathematical Society
Swarthmore College news release
Numerous blogs and discussion groups, including Baseball Musings, Baseball Think Factory, etc.

Other media coverage on baseball:
The Journal News LoHud Yankees Blog [original article].
T Krattenmaker (2004): Swarthmore College statistics professor finds baseball "religious war" good for the game -- and the field of statistics. Swarthmore College news release. [pdf story (156K)] [pdf full interview (148K)]
S Lumenello (2000): Baseball Matters: A View from the Academy. Colloquy, Summer, p. 4-5.
R Wood (2000): The TPR Chronicles. By the Numbers: The Newsletter of the Society for American Baseball Research Statistical Analysis Committee 10:4, p. 19-32. [pdf]


Princeton Review's The Best 300 Professors., April 2012.
Swarthmore College Bulletin, April 2009, p. 13.

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