Previous courses taught

Previous courses taught at other colleges and universities

Courses at Stanford University
Earth Sciences 200: Professional Development, Fall 2009
Geological and Environmental Sciences 256: Quantitative Paleobiology, Winter 2010
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Courses at Harvard University
Statistics 100: Introduction to Statistics, Spring 2001, Spring 2002
Statistics 101: Introduction to Statistics (Psych variant), Fall 1999, Fall 2000, Fall 2001
Statistics 139: Regression and Data Analysis, Fall 1999, Fall 2000, Fall 2001
Statistics 111: Mathematical Statistics, Spring 2000
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Courses at Williams College
Math 100: Quantitative Studies, Fall 1998
Math 143: Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis, Fall 1998
Math 013: Baseball's Highest Honor, Winter Study 1999
Math 342: Visual Investigations: Strategies for Exploring Data with Statistical Graphics, Spring 1999

Courses at the University of Chicago
Statistics 220: Introduction to Statisical Methods, Winter 1996, Autumn 1996, Autumn 1997
Mathematical Sciences 121: Tails and Ideals - The Nature of Variability and Average, Winter 1998
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