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performance of my Sextet for Percussion at Swarthmore College, 2016   

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I am a Professor of Statistics at Swarthmore College in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I have also taught at The University of Chicago in the Department of Statistics, Williams College in the Department of Mathematics, Harvard University in the Department of Statistics, and Stanford University in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences. I also worked as a programmer for Data Description, Inc., working on Data Desk statistical software.

I received a BS from Cornell University in Statistics and Biometry. I received an MS and PhD from The University of Chicago in the Department of Statistics.
Trivia: What do Stanford, Swarthmore, Harvard, Chicago, and Cornell have in common? (Hint: think team nicknames.)

Music. One of my hobbies is music composition and songwriting. Some musicians/composers I like are Steve Reich, John Adams, Aaron Copland, Michael Nyman, The Corrs (read an interview I did with Sharon Corr: Part 1, Part 2), Joe Jackson, and Chuck Mangione. Some representative pieces of mine include a Sextet for Percussion that was performed at Swarthmore (photo above) and at Kean University Music Conservatory (photo at right), and a setting of the WWI poem "In Flanders Fields". I am also interested in music that uses the melody inherent in speech, such as in this piece on "Thoughts and Prayers" inspired by the Parkland and Sutherland Springs mass shootings. I also played keyboards on a cover version of "Harmony" by the Corrs as part of a collaboration with Australian, German, UK, US, French, and Philippine fans.

Trivia. I was a contestant on Jeopardy! in 1996. I was an alternate on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 1999 but didn't appear on the show. (I did get to meet Regis and John Carpenter. the first million-dollar winner, who was on my taping.) I played in quiz bowl while I was a student at Cornell and Chicago, and captained the University of Chicago College Bowl team, the NAQT 1997 International Champions.

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